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sending the nationals into the fifth and final game tonight. here's how it went down. bottom of the ninth. the 13th pitch of the at-bat takes the yard. the place is going bananas. jayson werth, easily his biggest moment as a washington national. you can see the pure elation and joy. not just from werth, but from this entire team after he sends them to a game five. at one point, a lot of people didn't think they would get there. >> that's what it's all about. that's what you play all season for. that's what you work out all winter for and get to spring training early for. and we got a chance tomorrow to take that next step. i know my teammates will be ready. and the city will, too. >> he's a remarkable guy. he can force a pitch, thrown a lot of pitches, and he did that. that's the way that game should end. jayson werth hitting a home run. he hasn't hit that many this
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year. but, what was it, 13, 14 pitches at-bat. that was great effort on his part. >> reporter: unbelievable the word that many players used in the locker room last night to describe that at-bat. the pitcher said, you know what, he just beat me. he's a good baseball player. i challenged him with my 96-mile-an-hour heater and he just beat me. hopefully the nats can do more beating tonight as they take on the cardinals. gio gonzalez on the mound. a lot more coming up from the park in just a bit. guys? >> see you soon, dan. it would be very hard to top the excitement of last night's victory. at least fans didn't have to oo. today was the start at 8:30. pat collins begins our team coverage. >> reporter: hi, doreen. baseball's all a history. and fans are hoping that the history they witnessed yesterday will repeat itself tonight. she saw it. >> incredible hit, yes.
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he wanted that home run. >> reporter: so did he. >> absolute elation. i was jubilant. >> reporter: in nationals baseball lore, this could be known as the at-bat. bottom of the ninth, score tied, jayson werth files off pitch after pitch. and then walk-off home run. >> looking up! way back! it's gone! >> reporter: i'm not one to be superstitious. just saying that yesterday was the -- >> tenth month. >> reporter: and the -- >> 11th day. >> reporter: in the -- >> 12th year. >> 13th pitch. >> reporter: so with 13 a lucky number? >> absolutely. >> reporter: when he hit that home run, what was the feeling in your heart? >> i was almost ready to cry. like i am right now talking about it. it was such a good feeling. >> reporter: this is bob. he's been a season ticket holder
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for seven years. he saw it, too. he recorded werth's victory lap on his iphone. >> you just couldn't get over it, seeing a guy that's been chastised and called worthless, all of a sudden come through. i just knew something special was going to happen. especially when he got the foul ball number nine. >> reporter: in the game of baseball, one hit cannot only be a game-changer, it can turn a whole team around. he makes a lot of money. but jayson, it's werth it. >> there's a reason werth was brought to washington. and last night was the reason. >> reporter: if people in our city seem especially confident today, it's because they've supersized their nat-itude. >> woo! >> reporter: one must-win game, leads to another must-win. no matter. nat-itude. that's serious nat-itude.
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want to get a bigger one on the back. >> reporter: if they win tonight, you get it on the back? >> they win tonight, i'll get it tomorrow. that's nat-itude. take it easy. >> reporter: boy, that is some nat-itude. now, what do the nats need to do to win tonight? advice from the street coming up at 6:00. live at nats park, i'm pat collins, news4. >> thank you, pat. hey, if you're heading out to the ballpark tonight, bundle up. doug kammerer is down at nats park as well. hellie held out the coat, doug. >> well, you know, some guys need coats a little bit sooner than other guys. that's what it boils down to right now. it is a very cold one -- sorry, buddy, he's right here, by the way. i'll say this, about superstition. this is so interesting for me. i am wearing the same tie, the same shirt, the same suit as i did last night, because there's a little superstition there.
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but i made sure all the important stuff obviously has been changed. just to let you know. and yes, there has been a shower. as far as the weather today, let's look at what's going on. it is not only cold out here, it is going to be freezing tonight. it's already on the cold side right now. 58 degrees down at the airport. right across the river. winds out of the northwest about 15 miles an hour. take a look at the temperatures now. those winds are going to make things feel even cooler later on this evening. temperatures in the mid-50s across the region. 55 in gathersburg and leesburg. as far as what we're going to see with the winds, winds have been gusting upwards to 20, 25 miles an hour. that's exactly what we're seeing out there, and will continue to see throughout the early portions of the evening, even around game time. they will settle down. gametime temperatures will be quite cold. freeze warning includes montgomery county, loudoun county and everywhere to the north and west.
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we'll talk about the frost v advisory coming up. temperature game time of 52. it will not feel like 52. by the end of the game it will most likely feel between 40 and 45 degrees. make sure you bring your coats. i'mery glad that our own dan hellie has listened to the forecast. you normally don't listen to me. but i appreciate it. >> i normally don't believe it. >> oh! >> it's freezing right now. it feels like it's about 45 degrees. >> the wind down here is really starting to swirl a little bit. we'll talk later on, it could actually -- the cold could affect the game, a little bit. >> the pitcher not a fan of the cold. in a few minutes we'll be talking to mike rizzo live at about 5:23. >> get fired up-fans in there, that will warm it up. >> that will give doug a chance to look for his coat. >> exactly. another controversy for the secret service agency today. police in miami arrested aaron
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eng willer this morning after he was found lying in the street. police say he was slurring his words and smelled strongly of alcohol. it was just several hours after president obama left the state after a campaign rally there. officers say angler became violent with the officer and was arrested. he's since released to members of the secret service miami field office. in alexandria tonight, a spike in sex assaults against women out walking alone. the latest happened late last night near the intersection of van doren street and courtney avenue. two other women were assaulted in recent weeks. the attacks are growing increasingly violent, as richard jordan reports. >> reporter: when a woman was attacked last night, police say the area was likely dark and des oh late. >> usually after 9:00 here, it's almost closed. >> reporter: alexandria police say the 20-year-old got off a bus at 11:30 on eisenhower and
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van doren. a short walk later up the street to courtney avenue, that's where the victim was caught offguard by a strange man. she says she believes he's hispanic. >> he demanded money. when she said she had no money, he pulled her into the bushes where he sexually assaulted. >> reporter: it has some women in the area on edge. >> i'm worried about it. i didn't expect from this area like this. >> reporter: that concern is growing, because alexandria police are now investigating three attacks on women just within the past month. this one, the most violent, but detectives say they don't think the three are connected, because the other two happened near homes run parkway, about two miles away, and they think that is just too far. the previous two victims managed to get away, but the woman last night saw her attacker run off and leave her with the litter on the side of the road. police warn women to be alert
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and take precautions. >> definitely a concern for the area, i'm sure. >> reporter: in alexandria, richard jordan, news4. one man was shot and killed inside a home in landover last night. police say the victim was shot several times. it happened about 11:30 on village green drive. he was taken to the hospital and later died. police have not released any information about a possible suspect or motive in this case a consumer alert over the past week, someone has been going door to door in chevrolet, maryland, offering free water testing. several fliers and small vials have been left at residents' homes from the so-called baltimore water company. investigators tell us the company does not have the necessary permits for solicitations. it's been told to stop. if you received such a packet or see them around your neighborhood, you're urged to contact police. a prince george's school bus driver going to prison.
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a judge sentenced theresa douglas to ten years for driving her school bus into the employee lounge last december. the night before the crash she posted that she was done fighting and was ready to go to jail. douglas had an ongoing disagreement with a co-worker. she was convicted with first-degree assault and malicious destruction of property. three people in the building had minor injuries. when we come back, joe biden and paul ryan ripped off the gloves last night. were both men telling the truth? or did someone slip up. we fact checked both candidates. traffic in the area is the worst in the nation. the headaches drivers deal with on a daily basis. runners hit the pavement for a good cause this weekend.
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[ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
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don't be surprised if you see a sea of pink around town this weekend. hundreds of men and women and children are in the susan g.koman walk. it's one of dozens koman walks going on around the world. october is breast cancer awareness month. to the vice presidential debate. instant polls out suggest most
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viewers consider the outcome a draw. what is clear that both candidates made a number of claims and counterclaims. tracy davidson looks into some of those claims in tonight's fact check report. >> reporter: fireworks were flying. vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan faced off in their first debate. and no surprise, the candidates didn't always stick to the facts. first, this exchange on the nation's jobless rate. >> joe and i are from similar towns. he's from scranton, pennsylvania, i'm from wisconsin. you know what the unemployment in scranton is today? >> i sure do. >> 10%. you know what it was the day you came in? 8.5%. >> reporter: they say this is misleading, 7.8% is exactly where it was when president obama took office. >> he cherry picked one city, where unemployment has gone from 8.5% to 10%. however, he also talked about his hometown of jamesville,
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wisconsin. and there, the unemployment rate has actually come down more than 4 percentage points. >> reporter: next, congressman ryan on the obama tax plan. >> the average tax rate on businesses in the industrialized world is 25%, and the president wants the top affected tax rate on successful small businesses to go above 40%. two-thirds of our jobs come from small businesses. this one tax would actually tax about 53% of small business income. >> it's not 53%. it includes a lot of businesses that people would not consider small businesses. biden was correct, it could include hedge funds that pull in hundreds of millions of dollars a year. >> reporter: mr. biden talks about how the house republicans cut funding. >> the congressman here cut embassy security in his budget by $300 million below what we asked for. >> reporter: fact check found this number a bit inflated. it's closer to $264 million, and that included money for building
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and maintenance, not just security. finally, mr. biden quotes governor romney prior to the death of osama bin laden. >> governor romney said i wouldn't move heaven and earth come from bin laden. >> this was a quote back in 2007. it was more to it. he talked about not going just after bin laden, but going after the entire network of jihadist terrorists. >> reporter: fact check said be prepared to hear much of the same in the coming weeks. tracy davidson, nbc news. this is fact. the nats must win tonight. >> win or go home is the deal. >> yes. >> doug kammerer is very superstition, as he's already pointed out. but still not wearing a coat, even though it's cold and windy out there, doug. >> here's the good news. looking at the flags. the winds are blowing pretty good here. i talked to somebody earlier,
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one of the grounds keepers, he said up top it's freezing. the winds gusting 15, 20 miles an hour. the wind is really going to make things quite chilly tonight. don't just bring your jacket, bring your coat. you probably also want to bring your gloves and hats. it will probably be coldest night we've had all season. even the frost advisory for right here in the district. let's show you what's happening right now. temperatures sitting in the 60s earlier today. currently sitting at a temperature of 58 degrees with winds out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour. but gusting upwards of 25 miles an hour. that wind is going to make things quite chilly later on this evening. as far as the temperatures go around the region, this is where we sit currently in the 50s a s across much of the area. 58 at the airport. everybody will most likely drop by about ten degrees between now and between 9:00, and 10:00.
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duri we've seen winds throughout the area. i want to show you the satellite and radar. you can actually see the cold front making its way down from the north. you can see if you look up in the sky, just a few of those clouds coming on through. once those clouds move through, we'll see clearing skies, and that's going to allow those temperatures to drop. so frontal boundary currently making its way through the region. it will continue down to the south and east. behind it, we're going to see a nice area of high pressure. that area of high pressure will make things quite chilly overnight tonight. and then tomorrow, we'll see plenty of sunshine. that would help us to get back around the 60-degree mark. low 60s in some areas before sunday. we warm right back up. this cold air will not stay here forever. just one night and then it gets warm and rather windy, if not breezy during the day on sunday. winds could be gusting upwards of 15, 25 miles an hour, maybe even 30. but that will be a rather warm
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wind. saturday, and the whole weekend is looking dry. as far as the temperatures go for this evening, if you're going to be making your way down to nats park, or anywhere around the city, clear skies cooling quickly. 51 to 56 degrees. winds will be light -- actually, they'll be cooling, those winds will actually be gusty from time to time. freeze warning, from montgomery county, back through loudoun county, prince william, fauquier county, a frost advisory through tomorrow morning. prince george's county and arundel county all under a front advisory. bring in the pets, the plants, cover the plants up if you can. tomorrow morning, this is what you can expect. look at these numbers, in the upper 20s in some areas. maybe 28, well to the north and west. 40 degrees inside the city. let's go right to the seven-day forecast and we'll show you how things will be over the next few days. a great fall day tomorrow, but once again, quite chilly.
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temperatures rebound on sunday. back up to about 75 degrees. 74 on monday with a pretty good chance of some shower activity. temperatures look like they'll be at or maybe even above average as we head in towards the rest of next week. make sure you wear those coats. maybe you don't need them right now, but you'll need them when the game starts about 8:30. >> and certainly when the game is ending. >> oh, yeah. >> thanks, doug. when we come right back, fresh seafood from an unlikely spot right in the heart of the city. our food critic gives us his take on an oyster bar. dan hellie talking to the nationals general manager. encouraging news about the teen blogger hunted down by the tali
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our big story tonight, all about baseball. let's go back out to dan with a special guest. hi, dan. >> reporter: hey, doreen. game five tonight. nats and cardinals, and the architect of this team, mike rizzo, is joining me now. we were talking about what he was thinking last night when jayson werth hit that home run and where he was. he was in his box where he always sits. mike, i have to ask you again, what was going through your head as you saw that ball leave the bat and head over the fence? >> it was an outstanding at-bat, first and foremost. a typical jayson werth grindout. when he made contact, we all knew in the box that it had a good chance of leaving the ballpark and we would live to fight another day. >> i asked you if it was best case scenario, working at that big home run, because he hadn't performed as well as you would have liked overall. you said what? >> i would have taken anybody to
5:25 pm
hit a home run. i wasn't being specific about it. it was nice that jayson hit it. he's been a big part of this ball club, in the clubhouse and on the field since we've gotten him. he's played terrifically for us this year. it was kind of fitting and poetic justice he be the guy to hit it, if anybody. >> this is a scene we'll see over and over. but the reality is, you wouldn't have even gotten to that point last night if it weren't for every single pitcher that took the mound for the nationals. starting with ross detwiler who was your first pick as general manager, if i'm not mistaken. >> jim was the gm, but he was the first pick since i got here. he was the '07 first rounder. pitched magnificently with a lot of pressure on him. but it wasn't surprising. we've been relying on our pitching throughout the whole season. and when you can beat a really good team like the st. louis cardinals with three hits and
5:26 pm
two runs, you know the pitching staff has done a terrific job. >> the relievers were awesome. storen came in and had two strikeouts. the bull pen, we talked about the starting pitching. but we shouldn't sleep on how good the bull pen has been all season. >> i say pitching in general. the rotation's been great. the bull pen has been stellar all season for us. you know, with some injuries, injury to our closer last year, drew storen, clifford steps up and saves ourselves. and the performance of even a lesser -- the lesser known names, ryan matthews and sean burnett and the rest of them. mike gonzalez has pitched terrifically all season. >> i just saw drew storen, and i said, anything different today? just another day. groundhog day. just a lot more people watching. this seems to be setting up perfectly for you guys. you're at home, ace on the mound
5:27 pm
in gio gonzalez. does gio normally bounce back like he had in the first game? >> if you call rougher start, five innings and one hit -- >> seven walks. >> seven walks, two runs. but they don't keep score by walks. he can be dominated at times. he needs to just pitch like he's pitched throughout the season. and if we take care of business, we played long and hard to get to this point, where we have home field advantage throughout the play-offs. we hope to take advantage of it. that's not to say that team over in the other dugout has been battle tested also. they're a great ball club. >> the architect of your washington nationals. one very good team will be going home tonight. hopefully it's the st. louis cardinals. >> he sounds confident. nos at nervous as you might expect. >> no doubt. >> thank you, dan. >> how he got here.
5:28 pm
still ahead, nfl quarterback michael vick's new purchase raising a lot of eyebrows tonight. also, what's planned to cut down on the traffic congestion. ranked as one of the worst in the nation. ♪ >> and babs makes her long ♪
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fast forward through the headlines now. alexandria police are looking for the man who grabbed a woman as she walked down the street late last night, pulled her over a guardrail and sexually assaulted her. she had just gotten off a bus on van doren street and courtney avenue. two other women were attacked while walking alone in the last month, but for now police do not think the cases are linked. a secret service officer was arrested after he was found intoxicated lying in the middle of the street. miami police arrested aaron
5:32 pm
angler this morning after president obama ld a rally in the state. he's since been released to the secret services miami office. the nats are playing game five tonight at 8:30 at nats park. the big story tonight. if they win, they'll advance in the play-offs. lose, season over. and doug is down at the park. >> there's no place i would rather be than right here tonight for this game. it's going to be quite amazing to be out here. it's also going to be quite cold. the coldest night of the season. i think that will have an effect on the players. on their hands, as they take the bat, the pitchers, going to be holding the ball, cold air is going to be a factor later on tonight. it's going to be a factor for the fans, too, because you'll have to dress quite warm across the region. look at the numbers. up to the north, much colder, 52 in state college. roanoke, ahead of the front, 70 degrees right now. cold air moving on in.
5:33 pm
the warm air moving out of here. tonight the coldest night so far. frost advisories in effect for the city. we'll be talking more about those frost and freeze warnings coming up a little bit later on. right down here at nats park. great place to be. two men accused in an attack near eastern market in august were in court today. a judge ruled sunny kooty and tommy branch should be held in the beating and robbery of thomas masselin. this was a difficult day for the victim's wife. >> reporter: testimony was presented by lead detective robert saunders. he said the defendant had admitted to a role in the attack. first to an unnamed witness and later to police. he said branch said he took masselin's card and he was the one on surveillance tape trying to use the credit card at a gas station after the attack. this hearing represented an important date for this case moving through the system, but
5:34 pm
also represented an important date for the victim's family and their overall recovery. and thomas' wife and his parents, first time seeing the men charged that changed all their lives. she wrote about it on her blog spot saying she expected to be surprised by her own reaction as sitting in the same room. in court today, she kept her eyes on kooty and branch, and she was supported by family and others in the courtroom. afterwards she said the experience left her too drained to speak publicly. she wants to bring safety back to the neighborhoods. >> it should not take horrible circumstances such as these to kind of acquire that spirit. >> reporter: and testimony involved around another attack the defendants in this case are accused of on the same night maslin was attacked. his cell phone would link the suspects to the case.
5:35 pm
thomas maslin's family expect he'll be out of the hospital later this month but his full recovery is expected to take much longer. he's lost sight in one eye and feeling in parts of his body because of the attack. the suspects are due back in court november 8th. police in alexandria want to know if you recognize the guy who robbed a dunkin' donuts shop yesterday. surveillance cameras got a good look at him. police say the man in the plaid shirt showed a gun and had the employee open the cash register. he went behind the counter himself and collected the cash and took off. if you can identify the man, alexandria police would like to hear from you right away. and you can remain anonymous. an update on the breaking news from yet at 5:00. a 4-year-old boy who fell out a ninth-story window is now in critical condition. that child fell from a silver spring apartment building here on piney branch road. witnesses say a tree broke his fall and may have saved his life. montgomery county detectives and
5:36 pm
child protective services are investigating how the boy fell out of that window. ten weekends in prison, that's the sentence the national archives employee received today for selling bootleg dvds. timajin nell used his government e-mail address to sell copyrighted and prerelease movies to sell dvds and cds out of his office. a firehouse is undergoing renovations now. mayor vincent ground broke ground for engine company 28 here on connecticut avenue. they will have wider doors to provide safety for workers along with structural and electrical updates. the officials also say the renovations will maintain the station's historic features. get ready for the biggest playground renovation project in d.c. history. today mayor vincent gray announced 32 playgrounds in the city slated for improvements next year.
5:37 pm
there will be several redone in each area. for a complete list of the playgrounds, go to coming up on news4 at 5:00 tonight, "washington post" food critic gives us his take on dishing out fresh seafood. plus, the morning commute and afternoon rush can last forever in this town. we'll see where we fall on the national list of traffic trouble spots.
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west coast style cuisine with a mid-atlantic twist right here in the district. >> "washington post" food critic tom sietsema takes us inside an oyster bar. >> reporter: it's noon on a sunday and san francisco is on my mind as i anticipate a pot of oysters and in the union market
5:41 pm
in northeast. oysters and wine is how i try to launch my visits to the bay area. travis is pleased to hear this. he says he based his seafood joint on what he saw in san francisco. the 20-seat bar is flanked by patio seating, live scallops, meaty chowder, lush tuna tartar, and drinks dreamed up here. the cocktails don't have names. we let the ingredients do the talking. the philosophy extends to the crab cake with a suggestion of mayonnaise and a dash of hot sauce. the key to the dish? don't overthink it, says krokston. the regular selection of oysters includes rappahannics, and old
5:42 pm
salts. he expects offering guest oysters from elsewhere in the country down the road. my plate of oysters is fresh. i look up and notice the chef is cleaning his knife between maneuvers. this is tom sietsema, food critics with the washington post. >> i want to go there. i'm suddenly craving crab cakes. >> but not the oysters with grit in them? it all looked delicious to me. and a beautiful setting. coming up next, what michael vick bought that has him trending online today. plus, the punishment for a mother guilty of
5:43 pm
[ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message.
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the commute in and around the washington, d.c. area is notoriously bad. a new study confirms what most of us already know, our area has some of the worst traffic in the country. adam tuss got an update on projects that officials hope will improve the area's traffic
5:46 pm
congestion. >> reporter: our commute in a word is terrible. drivers around here know that. but what's being done to make it better? the grind can be long and unrelenting. >> we commute from loudoun county. so more specifically, round tail, past leesburg towards winchester. so you keep going. >> reporter: day after day, hit the gas, step on the brakes. a study by gps companies ranks it the third worst in the country only behind l.a. and san francisco. if you're driving just 30 minutes, it means you spend an extra 80 hours behind the wheel because of congestion. two full work weeks. time you can't get back. >> 66 is pretty bad. it's not bad getting out of d.c., but just once you get on the highway. >> reporter: one of the main questions is, are we investing
5:47 pm
enough in our infrastructure to make a difference when it comes to congestion in our traffic? take a look at that. that's the mclean station on the silver line, one of four new stations in tyson's corper. transportation planners hope that makes a big difference. other transportation improvements that are here and coming, the inner county connector, express lanes in virginia, even street cars and programs in the district. >> we'll see real progress in the next year or so, when all these major road projects come online. >> reporter: the promise of a better commute is one thing, the reality until it gets here, something else. >> i use my horn a lot. i probably shouldn't, but i do. >> reporter: now, jim and doreen, the next transportation project to come online, the beltway express lanes here in virginia. they're expected to open in about two months. reporting live in tyson's corner, adam tuss, news4. so, are absentee ballots
5:48 pm
always counted during an election? why are nfl players and refs wearing so much pink out there on the field? and where can you donate medical equipment? it is friday. liz crenshaw joins us now for "ask liz." >> i love the absentee ballot. >> very timely. our first question comes from a viewer named kathy with an e-mail. kathy says she heard in an election the absentee ballots only count if the election is close. >> absentee ballots count equally to in-person votes on election day. as long as you get your vote in on time. if you can't be at the polls on election day, you can vote absentee, either by mail or you can also vote in person in all three jurisdictions. in virginia, you must provide a valid excuse as to why you are unable to vote on election day.
5:49 pm
but in maryland and d.c. you do not need to provide a reason as long as you're already a registered voter. voters in all three jurisdictions need to apply to register to vote absentee by tuesday october 30th. don't wait too long for that. but they do count them. they count them. >> interesting. >> they don't put them in a box and set them to the side. >> i think i knew that, but didn't know the reason why. chip from springfield, virginia, liz, he saw nfl players wearing pink gloves and shoes last week. we all did. he wants to know if they are raising money or just awareness for breast cancer? >> it is about breast cancer. we contacted the nfl and they said throughout october, nfl games will feature players, coaches and refs wearing pink game apparel. all apparel worn by players and coaches will be auctioned off at the website online. proceeds from that auction will benefit the american cancer society. and nfl team charities. so really, the pink gear is made to raise money and awareness for
5:50 pm
breast cancer. >> good to know. >> so money, too. >> last question comes through an e-mail from another viewer named kathy. is there any place in washington or in our region that accepts medical equipment donation? >>e turned to several nonprofits to get this answer. salvation army does accept walkers or canes, ace bandages, disposable gloves. you can drop small donations at any donation site and schedule a pickup for the larger donations. goodwill also accepts medical equipment and donations. they can be dropped off at any goodwill location. call ahead to find out which items are accepted, since the need for other items can change. if you have a question for "ask liz," go to connect with me on twitter, just search liz crenshaw, and facebook liz crenshaw's consumer watch. good questions today. i appreciate it. >> and always the right answer
5:51 pm
sgls don't ask me if the nats are going to win, though. >> yes, they are. >> yes. >> yes, ask liz. >> we'll know soon enough. >> if liz says it, it must be true. there is a freeze warning tonight. that's not going to stop the fans from screaming their heads off down at nats park tonight. chief meteorologist doug kammerer has our weekend forecast. hey, doug. >> the excitement down here really quite amazing. the stands are not filled yet. the fans aren't allowed in just yet. it's what's happening along the first base line, tons and tons of media. you really get the feeling. the players are starting to take a little bit of a fielding out there right now. you can see everybody's got on their sweatshirts. it is chilly along the first base line. with the winds starting to die down a little bit, gusting at the airport 20 to 25 miles an hour. but not all that bad right here on the field. when you add in the wind to cooler temperatures, that makes it feel all that much colder.
5:52 pm
what are we seeing now? current number toward nats park sitting at 58 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour. like i mentioned, gusting to 25 at the airport right now. temperatures around the immediate metro area, this is the area that's under a frost advisory, including d.c., including fairfax county. southern portions of montgomery county and also prince george's county, all under a frost advisory. parts of montgomery and loudoun county also under a freeze warning. the current numbers in the 50s. your first pitch forecast, 8:30, coming in at 52 degrees. clear skies, breezy and chilly. doesn't sound cold, guys. 52 is quite chilly. you definitely want to bring not just a jacket, but bring the coats, the gloves, a sweatshirt, a hood, maybe if you have a hat, you might even need that as well. some of the guys, the workers already have that kind of gear on. as far as the temperatures go, overnight tonight for the rest of us, let's show you the freeze warning in effect. we'll talk about the freeze warning up to the north and west.
5:53 pm
it includes montgomery, loudoun, prince william, stafford county and fauquier county. to the north and west, for d.c. metro area, including prince george's, d.c., alexandria, fairfax counties all under a frost advisory. so bring in the plants. bring in the pets. it is going to be a very cold night. really, our first real taste of cold air. as a matter of fact, take a look at these numbers, in the upper 20s in some locations. frederick, winchester area, martinsburg, in the city i think we'll stay above that 40-degree mark, or around 40. i don't think we'll see frost in the immediate inner city area, but we could see frost -- frost can form under 38 degrees. you can see 38 in la plata tonight and fredericksburg. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. many areas staying in the upper 50s to lower 60s, even with plenty of sunshine tomorrow, a rather cool day.
5:54 pm
here's the next couple of days. we rebound nicely on sunday. back to 75 degrees on your sunday with rather windy conditions. and then 74 on monday. and it does look like most of next week we'll stay very close to average. so we're going to get through this cold night tonight. i don't see another cold outbreak until, oh, maybe next weekend. we'll talk about that when we get there. >> all right. thank you, doug. >> have fun down there tonight, doug. >> oh, yeah. today's trending stories. >> nfl quarterback michael vick is defending his choice to own a dog after going to prison for funding a dogfighting ring. vick claims he wants to make sure his kids develop a healthy relationship with animals. he says the dog is well cared for. and loved as a member of his family. since his time in prison, vick has worked with the humane society to combat animal cruelty. ♪ barbra streisand returned to her brooklyn roots last night
5:55 pm
with a show at the new barclays center. she was in a very good mood. the last time she performed solo in brooklyn, she said it was on someone's front stoop and she was 8 years old. streisand is 70 years old now. and famously battled stage fright. no sign of nerves last night, though, as she sang and joked to a very appreciative crowd. >> 70 looks great. >> she still sounds great, too. a disturbing story, a mother learns her punishment for gluing her daughter's hands to the wall with superglue. coming up in the broadcast tonight, justice for a teenager who was bullied in front of a tv news crew. a new warning about a voting scam in virginia. it is moving day for the space shuttle "endeavour."
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
a judge laid down the law against a texas mother who glued her toddler's hands to a wall as punishment. news4's keith russell is in the newsroom with more on the story. >> hey, jim. a dallas judge today sentenced elizabeth to 99 years in prison. the judge described it as necessary punishment for a brutal shocking attack. police records show she kicked her 2-year-old girl in the stomach, hit her, then taped her hands to the wall using superglue. the girl was in a coma for
5:59 pm
several days. she said it was because the girl had problems with potty training. she pleaded guilty to felony injury to a child. prosecutors wanted 45 years behind bars. a state district judge more than doubled that. once again, the mother sentenced to 99 years in prison. in the newsroom, keith russell, news4. coming up at 6:00, the vice presidential debate set up new questions about an alleged cover-up in libya. answering questions about a drug arrest. washington baseball fans might be wringing their hands and clinching their teeth. do or die for the nats. >> good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. both sides of the vice presidential debate are claiming victory. polls suggest many voters think it was a tie. steve handelsman talked to

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